Who We Are

A culmination of over 75 years experience, on-ground knowledge and expertise spanning the entire Gambit of the Logistics arena has brought us here.

We put together the element of this experience and coupled it with technology to bring about a seamless, cost-efficient Courier product. Our knowledge and experience is what we will marry with technology and offer a digitized full-stack, best in class Courier product.

Why Choose Us

OneX – Courier Services

Service Quality

  • Pro active shipment monitoring
  • Reduced customer effort
  • Delivering on our commitments
OneX – Courier Services

Customer Experience

  • 24*7 Customer service
  • Customer first always
  • Customer friendly portal
OneX – Courier Services


  • Flexible Costing
  • Cost advantage
  • Value based approach

Our Services

International Express Export & Import

Real-time proactive tracking and monitoring of your package.

  •  ONEX offers the most comprehensive logistical solutions 24 x 7
  •  Our association & tie-ups with DHL, FedEx & UPS ensure a worldwide reach of 220 countries
  •  Our digital platforms ensure real-time proactive tracking and monitoring of your package until delivery
  •  Shipment reports are customized as per your needs

Road Transport

Road Transport services within the GCC for both FCL & LCL.

  •  Highly efficient road transport service within the GCC for both FCL & LCL
  •  Facilitation of customs clearance at the borders for a hassle-free delivery
  •  Real time visibility of your shipments

Domestic Services

Same-day/ Next-day delivery services within the UAE.

  •  Same-day delivery or Next-day delivery services within the UAE
  •  Order a pickup within an hour or at a pre-agreed time
  •  Proactive monitoring of shipments

Warehousing & Logistics

Cost-effective warehousing solutions with state-of-the-art tracking systems.

  •  Cost-effective warehousing solutions
  •  Advanced infrastructure in terms of facilities and warehousing technology
  •  We manage all your documentation and customs processing requirements throughout
  •  State-of-the-art tracking systems until the final delivery mile
OneX – Courier Services

Our Reach

220 +


1,500 +

Customers Served


  • Weight Calculator
  • Prohibited Commodities
  • Custom HS Codes
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Weight Calculator

Prohibited Commodities

  • OneX – Courier ServicesAlcoholic Beverages
  • OneX – Courier ServicesFurs
  • OneX – Courier ServicesPlants
  • OneX – Courier ServicesAnimal Products
  • OneX – Courier ServicesHazardous Materials
  • OneX – Courier ServicesPornographic Materials
  • OneX – Courier ServicesArticles of Unusual Value
  • OneX – Courier ServicesIvory
  • OneX – Courier ServicesPoisonous Articles
  • OneX – Courier ServicesPrecious & Semi Precious Items
  • OneX – Courier ServicesLive Animals
  • OneX – Courier ServicesIndian Postal Departments Items
  • OneX – Courier ServicesCurrency
  • OneX – Courier ServicesNegotiable Bonds / Drafts
  • OneX – Courier ServicesCorrosive Materials
  • OneX – Courier ServicesDangerous Goods
  • OneX – Courier ServicesPerishables
  • OneX – Courier ServicesRadioactive Materials
  • OneX – Courier ServicesFirearms
  • OneX – Courier ServicesPersian Rugs
  • OneX – Courier ServicesLiquids And Semi Liquids
  • OneX – Courier ServicesFirearm Parts
  • OneX – Courier ServicesPersonal Effects

Download Forms

Custom HS Codes

Custom HS Codes
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